Hello Oboists!

Are you ready to learn to make your own reeds?

I teach reed making in private lessons and also run an online video course. Every oboist will eventually need to learn how to make their own reeds, but since it can be overwhelming I do not start teaching it until my students have had a few years of playing experience first. In my personal experience, I have found reed making to be both fun and challenging. It will eventually open the door to more creativity and self-expression as one learns how to adapt a reed to suit his or her own style of playing. It will also save a tremendous amount of money in the long run. An average professional oboe reed can cost 20-30 dollars and it may last a week; depending on weather changes, how much it is played on, etc. Compare that to around 40 dollars for a dozen pieces of shaped cane which will most likely produce several decent playing reeds.

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